Investment Properties in Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, also known as “wine country”, has spectacular views; especially around autumn as the rolling vineyards turn a warm orange, and the surrounding hills framing the countryside. The area is recognised as a world class wine region and popular tourist area that enjoys Mediterranean style climate. Close to some of Australia’s most spectacular coast lines, towns and cities with rich history, it is easy to see why it has been in the top ten regions for potential growth, with strong rental returns for property investors.

The local Dixon Homes team have long established roots as house builders in Hunter Valley. We understand the area and can help you decide on the best type of house plans, or house and land package to suit the requirements of the areas target market allowing you to maximise your investment.

Hunter Valley has seen growth in property and rental prices due to a growing demand for mining accommodation throughout the area. The areas proximity to the prosperous coal mines is continually attracting new arrivals to the area. It is estimated there is around $21 billion worth of mining projects underway in areas surrounding the Hunter Valley.

With the market value and demand for rental properties increasing, the properties in this region will have produced a positive cash flow for many investors. The continuing expansion of energy infrastructure and transport due to the mining industry and strong tourism links, Hunter Valley is an ideal area to look at buying an investment property.

Dixon Homes are one of Australia’s largest award winning home building companies, teamed with the extensive knowledge of our local franchise owners, allows us to pass exceptional prices on to our customers, but we also have in depth knowledge of an area meaning you can be assured you are making the most suitable investment.

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