House and Land for Investment in Newcastle

Dixon Homes have helped 1000’s of Australians build their homes and investment properties. Our Hunter Valley builders are part of the local community and understand the property market here. Today we will share with you our advice when researching house and land packages for investment.

The huge growth in the mining industry opened the doors for property investors throughout Australia. For the first time small rural areas benefited from investment opportunities that were previously reserved for the major cities. Mining brought new cash flow and with it natural growth to the surrounding areas.

If you are looking to invest in a property it is important to choose an area that is not solely reliant on one industry. The Hunter Valley region is supported by a range of industries not only mining, also agriculture and wineries and Newcastle is home to the largest coal port in in the world. Currently undergoing a $1 billion investment from the government for a rail and port expansion, this expansion is predicted to double the ports export capacity, furthering growth potential in the region.

When researching an area there are 5 important questions you should consider:

1.Is the population growing and the infrastructure to support that population growth?
2.Is there an established industry?
3.Is there an influx of money into the local economy, employing workers needing accommodation?
4.Speak to estate agents and find out if demand for rentals is more than supply?
5.Is the industry sustainable over an extended period to make sure a demand remains for rental properties

Bear in mind when investing in growth areas the type of property that your market is going to want to buy / rent. The Hunter Valley region supports a workforce that are likely to be highly paid miners / executives, not necessarily wanting a high end property but a comfortable home, they will possibly be looking at relocating with a family or be looking at sharing a home with other workers.

If you want advise on investing in a house and land package in Newcastle or the Hunter region please contact our team on 1300 10 10 10.

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