Why Work with a Project Builder?

As one of Australia’s largest building companies, Dixon Homes operate more than 15 individual franchises around Australia and New Zealand, building hundreds of new homes each year. Working with a large scale project builder like Dixon Homes offers many benefits to our customer base giving them the option of choice AND great value.

With our access to national buying power, we can access bulk savings of building materials, meaning our customers can build a quality home for less. Many people ask why they should consider working with a project builder when they may have more choices with a custom builder. With almost 2000 unique home designs that can be customised to suit your individual needs, we give the customer the freedom of flexibility to design their dreams in line with their lifestyle but also the benefits of what working with a project builder brings.

The Benefits of Working with a Project Builder

– Designs are tried and tested. Only the best designs that we know will work best for the client are offered

– All the contractors and trades are managed on your behalf, giving more time to be focus on other important decisions to make during the building process.

– A project builder can help arrange finance and find suitable land in your desired area.

– You can see the finished designs for yourself to get a sense of the look and feel of the finished product.

– Finished products are built to strict specifications, consistency of materials and a high finished standard.

– Homes are built in shorter time frames when compared to custom builders

– Nearly always the simplest and most economical route to take when building a new home.

Most of the biggest challenges that people encounter when building a new home are removed or reduced by building with a reputable home builder, here in Newcastle or across Australia. To find out more about how working with a project builder can offer you call the new home dream team at Dixon Homes Hunter Valley today on 1300 10 10 10