We Build What Aussies Want from their New Homes

Master Builders recently conducted an extensive survey of Queensland based builders, including Dixon Homes based in Brisbane but building nationally. The survey focused on the things that were most important to the buyers who were looking at building a new home in 2014. The responses highlighted growing trends when it came to house designs and what Australians want from their new home builder.

It is insights from our customers like these, and the conversations we have with our clients every day that allows our building team to construct the kind of homes that people dream about and that they will fall in love with. We share the biggest wants and must haves for those surveyed in this post. Continue reading

Why Work with a Project Builder?

As one of Australia’s largest building companies, Dixon Homes operate more than 15 individual franchises around Australia and New Zealand, building hundreds of new homes each year. Working with a large scale project builder like Dixon Homes offers many benefits to our customer base giving them the option of choice AND great value.

With our access to national buying power, we can access bulk savings of building materials, meaning our customers can build a quality home for less. Many people ask why they should consider working with a project builder when they may have more choices with a custom builder. With almost 2000 unique home designs that can be customised to suit your individual needs, we give the customer the freedom of flexibility to design their dreams in line with their lifestyle but also the benefits of what working with a project builder brings. Continue reading

Tips to help save for a house deposit

With the rise in house prices its getting more difficult for first time buyers to climb on the property ladder.  Also, gone are the days when you could score 100 per cent loan. Banks and lenders require more evidence to prove you can afford mortgage. To make the Australian dream a reality and own a piece of land you will need to start saving up.

The first home owner grant for (new homes) will get you going with $10,000 (as of 1 January 2014) towards your new home. The First Home – New Home Scheme also provides stamp duty concessions on transfer duty. For more details about the First Home – New Home Scheme contact the NSW Office of State Revenue. Continue reading

Working with your new home builder

When it comes to building a new home, the devil is in the detail. From choosing flooring, fixtures, add-ons and other requests, our builders understand the importance of good communication and keeping you in the picture through every step of your new home journey.

For any building project to be a success however, working together effectively will ensure you get the best finished product possible and one that reflects your lifestyle. Our Hunter Valley builders here at Dixon Homes Hunter Valley share some tips to help you work effectively with your builder in this post. Continue reading

Design Living Areas with Lifestyle in Mind

Here at Dixon Homes, we encourage all our clients to think about what lifestyle they are looking to create in their new home so we can accommodate this in the design and construction phases. The heart of any house is the living area. The reason for this distinction is simple: The living room is where you will spend the majority of your waking hours, and as a family, a great deal of quality time together.

Because of this, it’s important to design living areas taking into consideration many lifestyle factors when designing your living room. Some of these include: Continue reading

Investment Properties in Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, also known as “wine country”, has spectacular views; especially around autumn as the rolling vineyards turn a warm orange, and the surrounding hills framing the countryside. The area is recognised as a world class wine region and popular tourist area that enjoys Mediterranean style climate. Close to some of Australia’s most spectacular coast lines, towns and cities with rich history, it is easy to see why it has been in the top ten regions for potential growth, with strong rental returns for property investors.

Continue reading

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